Remember This Book? “The One Minute Manager”

I was reminded of this book this morning in a meeting and it looks like there's a new version out now: The New One Minute...
Excel for Mac: Freeze the Top Row, Yo.

Excel for Mac – Freeze the Top Row

How Do You Freeze the Top Row in Excel for Mac? To freeze the top row in an Excel spreadsheet, go to the "View" tab,...

Stop Using Internet Explorer… Like, Now!

If You're Using IE, Your Computer Has Probably Already Been Hacked If you're using Internet Explorer (by Microsoft) as your web browser, please stop using...
Two Dollar Course - password required - FIND OUT HERE Password

Have you been to or It's asking for a password. If you're looking for one, try "offer" and you should be able to get...

Is Using Email Filtering a Good or Bad Thing?

Email is kind of tricky. I've heard that over 75% of the email out there is spam, so that's really high. The reason there's...
trash can

Good Intentions and Integrity In Your Business

I'm in a situation where I'm leading a team. There are some problems that happen from time to time. This is natural and will...

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