How to Figure Out Where Your Email is Hosting

4 of the Best Ways to Figure Out Where Email is Hosted

Who is My Email Provider? To find out, you should do a DNS lookup and look at the MX record. The MX record tells you...

Email Tip of the Day: Say Thank You!

Get Emotional Control of Your Email Ever get into a situation where there's a complaint or problem that you have to deal with via email?...
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Speed Up Your Internet Connection With One Change

I made one change with my Internet connection and it sped things up a lot. Let me explain what to do. Now, I'm going to...

Keep Your Computers and Electronics Running Well

How to Make a Computer Last Longer Even though my website is mostly about help with small business websites, you do need a working computer...

Remember This Book? “The One Minute Manager”

I was reminded of this book this morning in a meeting and it looks like there's a new version out now: The New One Minute...
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Good Intentions and Integrity In Your Business

I'm in a situation where I'm leading a team. There are some problems that happen from time to time. This is natural and will...

10 Tips to Stay Professional With Your Business Email

In this world where everyone's texting each other and abbreviating everything, it's still good to see that in the business world, things are still...

Is Using Email Filtering a Good or Bad Thing?

Email is kind of tricky. I've heard that over 75% of the email out there is spam, so that's really high. The reason there's...

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