Two Dollar Course - password required - FIND OUT HERE Password

Have you been to or It's asking for a password. If you're looking for one, try "offer" and you should be able to get...
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Speed Up Your Internet Connection With One Change

I made one change with my Internet connection and it sped things up a lot. Let me explain what to do. Now, I'm going to...
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Add the Background Color Button in the WordPress Editor

For those of you still using the Classic Editor in WordPress, you might find this code useful. It's how to add in the background...
Too Much Spam? Try This Email Hack

If You’re Getting Too Much Spam, Try This Hack

I recently received a strange message leading me to a source of where I'm getting a bunch of spam email and I was able...
Excel for Mac: Freeze the Top Row, Yo.

Excel for Mac – Freeze the Top Row

How Do You Freeze the Top Row in Excel for Mac? To freeze the top row in an Excel spreadsheet, go to the "View" tab,...

How to Check Where Your Domain is Being Handled

You may have a domain name for your business or yourself but you might have forgotten where it's registered, who is hosting the website,...
How to Figure Out Where Your Email is Hosting

4 of the Best Ways to Figure Out Where Email is Hosted

Who is My Email Provider? To find out, you should do a DNS lookup and look at the MX record. The MX record tells you...

10 Tips to Stay Professional With Your Business Email

In this world where everyone's texting each other and abbreviating everything, it's still good to see that in the business world, things are still...
Commonly Mispronounced Words

Commonly Mispronounced Words

"Pertection" Is that like "Protection?" How Many of These Words Do You Say Wrong? Something I noticed in the last 10 years or so is people...
Set YouTube Videos to Autoplay

How to Easily Set YouTube Videos to Autoplay in 2020

A little while ago, browsers turned off videos that auto play. To be honest, I like that they did that because I didn't like...

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