Keep Your Computers and Electronics Running Well

How to Make a Computer Last Longer Even though my website is mostly about help with small business websites, you do need a working computer...
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Help! I Put Info in a Form on a Website and There’s an Error....

I submitted a form (via the POST method) and the page on the server I was submitting to (Basecamp in this instance) gave me...

How to Find Out Who is Hosting Your Domain Name

This is something I have to do practically every day. We get a call from a client or come across a website and we...

Is Using Email Filtering a Good or Bad Thing?

Email is kind of tricky. I've heard that over 75% of the email out there is spam, so that's really high. The reason there's...
How to Turn Off Suggested Videos on YouTube

How to Easily Turn Off Suggested Videos on YouTube Embeds

YouTube is great. You get to upload videos there and it's then really easy for you to share your video and have it play...
Turn a Video Into a GIF Image

In 1 Step, Turn a YouTube Video into an Animated GIF

Sometimes you want to post what's in a video but you can only post an image, so what do you do? You turn the...
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Add the Background Color Button in the WordPress Editor

For those of you still using the Classic Editor in WordPress, you might find this code useful. It's how to add in the background...
Two Dollar Course - password required - FIND OUT HERE Password

Have you been to or It's asking for a password. If you're looking for one, try "offer" and you should be able to get...
Too Much Spam? Try This Email Hack

If You’re Getting Too Much Spam, Try This Hack

I recently received a strange message leading me to a source of where I'm getting a bunch of spam email and I was able...
What does the browser padlock symbol mean?

What Does the Website Padlock Symbol in My Web Browser Mean?

What is the Browser Padlock Icon? If you see that a website has a lock beside it in the search/address bar, that symbol does not...

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