Do Some Campaign Tracking, Yo

Instead of just setting up links to your website when you set up marketing campaigns, include tracking so you know where the inbound traffic actually comes from. You’ll then know which marketing for your website is working the best so you can make smart decisions about where to spend your marketing resources.

Here’s a quick guide on using campaign marketing with Google Analytics.

What you’ll define is:

  • Website URL (Required): The website URL to the exact page
  • Campaign Source (Required): The referring source (googe, newsletter, twitter, etc.)
  • Campaign Medium (Required): The medium being used (PPC ads, email, display, etc.)
  • Campaign Name (Required): Your internal name for the campaign
  • Campaign Term: Used to identify paid keywords when search is used
  • Campaign Content: Used to differentiate ads

Start at the Campaign URL Builder. This is a Google tool you can use even if you’re not logged into your account.

Campaign URL Builder

Put in your values and then the URL you’ll use is created for you below the form:

Campaign URL Builder results

Copy this URL and then paste it in to where you’re showing your link.

Use consistent names for each value. For example, don’t use “google” and “googlesearch” if they’re the same thing.

You’ll see the results in Google Analytics (make sure you’re using GA, of course, for this to work) under:

Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns

GA Reporting

Happy tracking!


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