Need Website Design?

If your website doesn’t look as good as your competition, then it’s time for a redesign. We sometimes say, “if your website was a shirt, would you wear it?” This means you need to be proud of your website and it needs to be a reflection of you and your company.

As you can hopefully see on my website, there’s a LOT that goes into good website design. There are a lot of technical pieces that have to work right along with software, content, graphics, marketing (calls to action), testing, retesting, SEO and maintenance. This is simply way too much for a small business owner to handle.

Beat Your Competition

If your competition is using a website design company, then you need to compete with them at the same level. If they’re not using professional help, then it’s time you step up and get ahead of them. Either way, you need the services of a professional website design company.

I just happen to own such a company! 🙂

Webstix - Look Good

Contact Webstix today for help web website design, SEO, marketing and website maintenance.

Website Redesigns or Just Maintenance

Maybe you can get by without a total redesign for a little while. We’ve done some projects where we just fix a list of items we find that need to be fixed and that gives new life to the website. When that happens, business goes up and you’re able to afford an even better website in just a short amount of time.


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