Build Email List Pages to Get Warm Leads

Your email list is worth gold… it really is. Think about it – it’s people that have signed up and want to hear from you every day. That’s like every marketer’s dream. If you’re not taking advantage of a list, you really need to. To do that, you’ll need an awesome opt-in page that points out the benefits of your list and why people should join.

There are lots of services out there that charge you a monthly fee and some of them are good.

1. Profit Builder

If you want to still have good opt-in pages that you own that you’re not paying a monthly fee for, then use this software that I just got – it’s called Profit Builder. Go to that website and the video there tells you all about it.

Set it up in WordPress and you can have new opt-in pages up in just a few minutes with no monthly fees!

2. GetResponse

You’ll also need to set up a list to both collect email addresses and so that you can safely and legally send to those addresses (your list). I highly suggest GetResponse (click on that link and get a $30 credit… no brainer).

It’s super easy to set up a list with an auto-responder. When you set up a new website, this should be one of the first things you do – as well as with existing websites if you haven’t done it yet. Again, that’s where the gold is… for sure.

GetResponse also has a opt-in form builder and landing page builder. This means you don’t need GetResponse AND another service. It’s an all-in-one package.

Other features include surveys and RSS to email, which I really like. With RSS to email, you can automatically have every new post sent out to your email list in a nice looking format. It’s just done automatically and it’ll help you get more traffic.

3. Build Opt-In Forms With LeadPages

Have you heard the term “opt-in” before? It’s industry speak for joining an email newsletter list. If you don’t have a list, you’re missing out. It’s gold! It’s a list of people that want to hear from you. What more could you ask for? Above, I discuss this a little but I wanted to discuss LeadPages because it’s the one I use.

With LeadPages, you can make some really professional looking opt-in pages. Why is this important? Well, you need the page to convert visitors into people signing up. The page must be compelling and built the right way. Not only does LeadPages give you great templates to get this going but they offer a lot of teaching and instruction so that you can get good at building the page.

They even host it (if you want) and help you connect it with your GetResponse (or other list service) account.

The pages are easy to create and work really well.


They even work well on mobile devices, which is really important today. People can be waiting in line somewhere and sign up for your offer.

4. Pay Per Click Ads / Google AdWords

How you’ll promote your website or landing page is with Pay Per Click ads or Facebook campaign or the the like. What’s cool is, the less these pages say, the better they convert… believe it or not. It’s true. If you have to explain it too much, it sort of becomes unbelievable – versus getting to the point and giving people a compelling reason to click.

5. Give Away a PDF Book or Report

You can develop a PDF report or other material that people receive after they sign up. It goes right to their email account (using your list software – like GetResponse) and now you have one more email account on your list you can market to. Again, it’s gold. An email list is an asset for your small business, so start building it.


When you build a page where people sign up for your list, you’re building a list of people that want direct contact with you regularly. Again, that’s gold. It’s a business asset, really. Imagine if you have a list with 2,000 people or more? Wouldn’t that be powerful? You won’t get that list until you start building it.

You can then provide quality content to your list. This should be content so good that people would actually want to pay for it. Take your time and create very high quality content, which can be text, images, videos, webinars, books and more. Answer all their questions. Take time putting it together and don’t put out any junk.

And then it’s very important to never sell your list to anyone. There are Internet Marketers out there who sell their list and trade it and do things like that. Never do that because you’ll lose trust with your audience. They’ll know they signed up with you and then started getting a lot of spam email. I believe that if you do things right, you’ll get rewarded.


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