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Tony HermanHi!
Maybe I’m the only one with this problem but I had a website getting really good traffic but I wasn’t able to make any money from it. It had great content that people wanted and Google loved (and still does) but I’d put up affiliate links and banners and nothing would happen!

I was shocked when, one day, revenue started going up! Like WAY up! Could it be? Could this latest thing I tried be working?

Yes! It worked… like a charm! I had traffic and there was extra money – all of a sudden!

And then it kept working, month after month. It wasn’t huge, huge money but it was extra – from the traffic I already had.

I decided to document what I did and I put together a book… just for you! I call it:

“Bonus Cash Explosion”

"Bonus Cash Explosion" book

Take the website traffic you already have and earn more money from it using the very simple method I reveal.

  • It’s simple and it works well for me
  • I’ve been using this for while now and it STILL keeps working
  • In December 2017, I made $435 on Amazon using this method
  • It takes just a few minutes to set up and earns money for you on auto-pilot.
  • It’s bonus cash – just add this to websites you already have!

I’m sharing this secret with you so you can try it on your websites. It’s extra money from existing traffic – even websites without tons of traffic can benefit from this method!

This is for WordPress websites only. Since that’s the most popular software for websites now, most people use WordPress.

See My Earnings on Amazon for December 2017:

Earnings on Amazon

That’s $435.53 in bonus cash from EXISTING TRAFFIC!

It’s money I didn’t have before, so I’ll take it!

What could you do with an extra $435 a month or even just $100 a month?

This method won’t make you super rich, but it can put some extra money in your pocket. It’s possible. Why not give it a try? I’m offering this information to you super cheap – just $7.99 $2.99!, so you really don’t have anything to lose.

It’s a short, easy to read, 13-page PDF report. It’s so simple that there isn’t much to explain. You just do what I did and you’re done. Set and forget!

It’s Bonus Time!

I’ve updated this book and I added 2 more methods that are just like the first method. So now you get 3 ways to turn the traffic you have into revenue and these 3 ways don’t bump into each other. And no, it’s not a popup on a web page… but WAY better.

[guarantee_content style=”11″ title=”30-Day, Money Back, No Questions Asked, Guarantee”]I have a “No-Crap” Guarantee on everything I create. It’s my name on it, so it’s going to be high quality. If you find it’s terrible with no value, then let me know and I’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.

Just $17.00 $5.00!

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Earnings Updates

January 2017: $228.24

January earnings

February 2017: $234.71

February 2017 earnings

March 2017: $366.13

March 2017 Earnings

April 2017: $315.91

Amazon screen shot

TOTAL (December – March): $1,580.52

April 2018 Update

Amazon changed how they pay out commissions and there was a decrease in earnings the last, few months but you do want to keep this running because you just have to be there for those spikes, which do happen – here’s some proof:

Amazon earnings report

This book still works and gives you a way to finally make money from traffic on your website.
If that’s interesting to you, buy this book now!

Just $7.99 $2.99!

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