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I’ve been using this method for a few years but just since the end of 2016 has it been really paying off. I have a website that gets great traffic but I wasn’t able to monetize it very well. I tried a few things and nothing worked.

Then, I remembered this plugin I bought, so I tried it on that website and it worked like a charm!

I’m now here sharing this secret with you so you can try it on your websites. It’s extra money from existing traffic – even websites without tons of traffic can benefit from this method!

See My Earnings on Amazon for December 2017:

Earnings on Amazon

That’s $435.53 in bonus cash from EXISTING TRAFFIC!

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Version 1.2 – April 2017

Earnings Updates

January 2017: $228.24

January earnings

February 2017: $234.71

February 2017 earnings

March 2017: $366.13

March 2017 Earnings

April 2017: $315.91

Amazon screen shot

TOTAL (December – March): $1,580.52

My “No Crap” Guarantee

I pledge that whatever you get from me – be it articles or books or training or whatever is going to be top quality.

It’s My Name On It

I am putting my name on this website and everything I produce. I want to make sure my name is associated with top quality material and training. I could make up a brand with a clever name and hide behind it but instead, I’m putting my actual name on what I produce.

This isn’t me being egotistical or trying to make a name for myself to get famous or something. That’s not how I am.

I’m publishing content in my name to keep myself accountable. It helps me ensure that whatever I produce will be the best it can be so that I don’t slack on something. Read More >>

FREE & Instant Download – No Email Signup… Nothing!
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Version 1.2 – April 2017