Awesome Lead Magnet Ideas


Hey Everyone!

I found these videos and just had to share them. They’re about lead magnets!

Basically, every business out there should have a lead magnet to grow their email list. A lead magnet is something of value people can get by giving you their email address. That email address gets put on your list, that hosted with a service like GetResponse, for example (the one I use).

You then get to send out emails to that list whenever you want. Those emails shouldn’t all be offers – no way! They should be emails with more good info for them and then once in a while, send them an offer. Most Internet Marketers get this wrong.

But the question is, what should my lead magnet be?

The good news is, these videos have great ideas. More good news is, they’re easy to make. They don’t have to be 30 pages because… who wants to read 30 pages? Yuck!

Leave comments below about what you think of these videos and if you have any more ideas for lead magnets.


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