AWS phishing email

Here’s another one I received – these scammers love me:

“Attention required on case 98177469: unsuccessful in charging your credit card for your AWS usage so we have placed your AWS account on hold”

Amazon phishing scam email

This one’s from the domain name again. Strange name. I hope nobody falls for this.

Amazon AWS phishing

The main part of the message is an image with text in it. That’s how they try to get through junk filters.

If I would have clicked on it, it would have gone to this domain name:

AWS phishing email

The main domain name here is “” and then they add more sub-domains to it to try to make it look somewhat real at a glance… but it’s not.

The “Please Confirm Your Information To Remove Account Limit Restriction” is bad English and capitalizing every word like that isn’t what a company like Amazon would do.

Even the capitalization here isn’t consistent: “Amazon Web Services Your Account under review” plus it doesn’t make sense / isn’t good English. That’s another tip-off for sure.

Don’t fall for this scam. Delete it.

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