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Alright, this bugged the heck out of me. The SSL It! and Let’s Encrypt! features in Plesk are great, but whenever it would run, it would restart the web service, resulting in website visitors seeing a “502 Bad Gateway nginx” error. They would get confused or would not be able to complete what they were doing.

The problem is, this SSL-certificate-renewing process runs EVERY hour. That’s WAY too often. Geez Louise.

I found a fix.

Go into:

Home > Tools & Settings > Scheduled Tasks

and look for one that contains “keep-secured.php” in the search.

Go into it and change it from Hourly to Daily:

Hourly setting

Daily setting

And set it to sometime during the night, so as to not bother anyone.

That should take care of it. Checking every hour is just insane, really.

I’ve confirmed this is how to do it because all the emails I’d receive about Let’s Encrypt certificates renewing were coming in at the same time: 29 minutes past the hour, which was when the cron job would run:

Emails showing reports at 29 minutes past the hour

You’re welcome!

Let’s Encrypt on Plesk Info:

Home page


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