25 Words That Will Boost Your Sales


25 Words that will BOOST your salesSo… what are you selling?

Products? Services? Widgets?

It doesn’t matter. If you’re selling online (or this will work offline, too), then if you make more sales, you make more money, right?

Words matter.

There are people that make their living on writing ad copy (text) and advertising firms have come up with slogans like “Just do it” and “Got Milk?” right? Those simple phrases cost thousands and thousands of dollars to develop and test. So yeah… words matter?

What if you had 25 simple words you could add to your website, products, services… whatever, that will boost your sales?

Well, wait no more – I’ve got them right here:

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  1. Retro
  2. Comfortable/Comfy
  3. Beautiful
  4. Natural
  5. Genuine
  6. Classic
  7. Elegant
  8. Fun
  9. Sporty
  10. Stylish
  11. Distressed
  12. Layered
  13. Soft
  14. Exclusive
  15. Rich
  16. Vibrant
  17. Detailed
  18. Hilarious
  19. Higher-quality
  20. Signature
  21. Premium
  22. Favorite
  23. Passionate
  24. Quality
  25. Minimalist

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