WP-Robot Review and Promo Code

A WP-Robot Review

WP-RobotI’ve been using the WordPress plugin WP-Robot for a little while now. I thought I would write up a review of this product since I have used other autoblogging type systems before (like WP-o-Matic and others).

Setup is rather simple. It installs like other WordPress plugins. I bought the developer edition. After install, it prompted me for the email address used so that my license could be applied. I then proceeded to the configuration options and to set up a campaign.

What’s really nice in the options is the help/tips that are there. Other programs will say that you have to register for an API somewhere and leave it up to you to find out where that is. With WP-Robot, the help mouse overs contain links of where to go to get the API key. This really speeds up campaign creation.

I personally like using Yahoo Answers for creating websites about a specific topic. Google seems to pretty much like those kinds of sites, too – even though you’re reusing content (so far, anyway). I was able to set up several of these sites (or replace the old tool I was using) very quickly. The new ones I made are already getting traffic. Pretty amazing.

In addition to just using Yahoo Answers, I’m now able to mix in Amazon products and eBay auctions on items related to the topic of the website. Images are imported from Flickr, too, which make the posts look even better. I like the flexibility of changing what are called "templates" within the system so that my WP-Robot sites don’t act and work like all the other ones out there.

Probably the most impressive feature of WP-Robot was not the software itself, it was the support that I got. I sent in a question to the developer and although it took him a little while to get back to me, I could tell that my issue stayed on his radar and he wanted to make sure every customer of his was taken care of. Since that was his goal, it’s really no wonder why it took a little while to respond and that’s perfectly fine.

The software is also very bug free. It’s well written and I can tell since I’m a programmer and website tester. You’re paying a bit for this software but it’s quality software and you’re getting good value.

If you are interested in WP-Robot, then I do have a promo code that gets you a $40 discount on the full version – use the WP-Robot promo code: TONYHERMAN