The Award for the Clunkiest Website Goes To…

I’d have to say that has the clunkiest website. Since I’ve been their customer, I think this is about 3rd or maybe the 4th version they’ve had. At first, I was very reluctant to move domains to them because their site was so hard to use. I was keeping them at Dotster. The pricing at GoDaddy was better, so I reluctantly switched to them to save money. You don’t mess with your domain info that much, so I thought I’d just deal with them anyway.

The next version of their site was a little better. I liked the improvements but it still seemed like what they were promoting and selling was bigger than what their website could handle.

Later, they tried to integrate things like SSL certificate registration with their site. It used to be a 2nd login at Starfield. That improved that process at one point. Right now, it’s more integrated but more clunky than it used to be. You have to keep logging in to get to things where you used to get a link in your email to download the certificate. More steps.

They’ve done yet another "upgrade" and things are still messy. There are a ton more clicks to get to what you need to. I’m trying to put in authorization for domains and no matter what I do, I get error pages. It’s such a mess.

You go to the main page, you appear to be logged in, then you try to do something with your account and you are asked to login. What? Am I logged in or not? Make up your mind. Don’t tell me I’m logged in when I’m really not. How annoying.

And could you create maybe another 10 links between the login page and the page I want to get to? That would be great and make things so much easier. The existing 50 pages I have to click through are not quite enough.

You’d think that with all the advertising they do, they’d first have their website working well enough so that you can actually get things done. That would make sense to me.



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