Social Bookmarking

Ok, I’m not too into Twitter yet but I’m into FaceBook, Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon. I’ll probably join a few more social bookmarking sites because I see the difference they make with SEO and website promotion. Kinda cool.


I just signed up for to try it. My first impression is that it’s clumbsy. The CAPTCHA letters aren’t that clear and they tell you that "your letters stink" when it’s actually their letters that you can’t read – so although I like the casualness of that statement, it’s wrong and comes off rude instead.

Reddit only let you submit once every 8 minutes or so it seems. That’s good for spam posts, I guess but that time limit is too long and this adds to the clumbsiness. You’re just starting out and want to post a number of links and can’t do that easily.

I’ll probably use Delicious and StumbleUpon more. Tagfoot is alright.