Man, Is eBay Clunky

I just listed a bike a bought from my friend on eBay. I was not impressed with their interface.

Frst of all, when you’re in the "My eBay" page, where is the link to list an item? You think they’d want you to post things (since that’s how they make money), but there’s no link. What the heck? Then, when it’s uploading pictures, you get no note to wait for this to happen, the page just sort of stops while this happens and you get a warning when you click the button again that images are not done uploading. And there are WAY too many options for a listing. Make it easy, would ya?

Ok, so maybe I had a bad day today and just wasn’t up for dealing with bad interface design. But this is eBay, people…. you know, probably one of the most popular sites on the web besides Google. You’d think they would have it more together than that.

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