Get One Way Links and Increase PageRank and Traffic

As soon as you launch a web site, you will not all of a sudden get lots of traffic and visitors. That’s not quite how it works no matter what infomercials can make people believe. Think of it as getting a new phone number… you get a new phone and it just doesn’t start ringing – you have to tell people about it, right? The same for websites. You have to get that address out there so that people know about it. So how do you do that? There are a number of ways.

  1. Buy traffic. If your domain name is new (less than a year old) and Google somehow organically finds your site (which is better than submitting it to Google – I’ll talk more about this in directories – below) you might not get a great ranking for a while. Sometimes you do, but if your market is saturated, then probably not. So you’ll need to buy traffic. One of the best ways to do that right now is Google AdWords. Search the web and you’ll find lots of articles on how to set up a campaign, so I’m not going to do that now – maybe later.
  2. Get listed in web free directories. The best, most trusted, free directory to get listed in is It’s often hard to get into, but definitely worth trying. Be careful about getting listed into “link farms”, which are pretty much directories full of spam ads. If your web site is local, then definitely see about getting linked into some local website directories (like for the Madison, WI area). These sites show up well in search engines and act as an in between tier between your site and sites like Google, Yahoo! and MSN.
  3. Get listed in paid web directories. This seems to be the best strategy for building solid links for long term success. Doing this should increase your PageRank, which is definitely what you want. The best kinds of links to get are one-way links where a top ranked site links to you but you don’t link back to them. These are stronger links and carry more weight. Think of a link to your site from another as a “vote”. You want more strong votes instead of weak ones.Here is a list of web directories that you can pay to get into. Most are just one-time fees. Again, it’s important that they just link to you and you not link to them (these all open in a new window / tab):
    1. Yahoo Directory – it’s $299 per year but is a most trusted directory.
    2. – $299.00 for a listing.
    3. Best of the Web – a $249.00 one time fee or $99.95 per year.
    4. GoGuides – a one-time, $69.95 fee.
    5. Uncover the Net – a one-time, $49 fee. They seem to have a lot of higher ranked sections, so don’t skip this one.
    6. – a one-time, $49 fee.
    7. Joe Ant – a one-time, $39.99 fee.
    8. Site Sift – a one-time $49.95 fee or $29.95 annually.
    9. – an annual cost of $29.95 or a one-time listing fee of $89.95.
    10. – a one-time $24.95 fee – for Wisconsin websites only.
    11. Net Guild – a one-time, $14.95 fee.
    12. More can be found listed by PageRank (PR) at and at MadisonClick, Inc.

    Be sure to look at the page that you’ll be listed on and see what PageRank that page has. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then download the Google Toolbar for your browser.

  4. Get linked on blogs. There’s differing opinions out there on this. Some people say that just about any link from another site is good and some say that Google is even starting to ignore links on blogs. But Google isn’t the only search engine out there, so others may do it differently. So why not?What you do is find an active blog that has to do with your web site and then comment on a post and include a link to your site. That comment will then stay on that page a long time, if not forever. Make your comment meaningful though.
  5. Ask for links. If there are sites that you’ve found hat have high PageRank and are relevant to your site, then it doesn’t hurt to just ask the webmaster of that site for a link. They may get a lot of these emails or they may not. They may even offer really cheap advertising or give you a permanent link for just a few bucks.

The big thing to remember here is that you’re only going to get out of something what you put into it. Free link submissions aren’t a lot of work, so you’re not going to get much back from those (and I personally don’t even use them since they could hurt your ranking). If you want something good that will last, you’ll have to work a little or pay for it or work a lot or pay a lot. This can be fun though. Watching traffic stats, PageRank and sales go up is fun and gives you the feeling of accomplishment. It’s addicting, really. So have fun with it.

I’ll write more about this later in another post, but Google AdWords, if used properly, can really be the winning ticket (first you’d need to know how much each visitor to your site is worth – again, more about this in another post). It’s good to get linked up but don’t spend too much time doing it – you’ll end up getting the warm, fuzzy feeling that you’ve done a lot of work and it’ll really help but it’s not doing that much good. The point here is, you need to set up these links when a site launches for long term success and use Google AdWords for the near term and daily success.

So just think… if you work hard, get your site ranked high, people will be asking you and paying you for links!

Learn more about link building.

If you’re completely new to this whole world, it may seem overwhelming to you – I understand. So a good company that can help is the one I work for: Webstix, Inc. Check out our site and give us a call.