Build Websites that Grab RSS Feeds

Sometimes you need some relevant news content for webpages or entire sites. One good source for that content may be RSS feeds. Many websites and blogs have feeds that you can subscribe to. The great thing is, the content is updated all the time, that makes the content on your webpages update all the time. Search engines love pages that aren’t static, so adding a dynamic content element to pages keeps them coming back to spider your website.

A nice product I found is called RSS Content Builder and with it, you can generate code to put in your webpages to put this news right on them. I like it because it has a PHP code option, which makes the content more integrated into the page (which is a much better way to do it).



Another good tool, well… actually it’s a membership to a bunch of great tools, is RSS-Ground.  It’s cheaper and offers more tools – especially if you’re an affiliate marketer.