Anti-SEO? What??

Ok, I’ve got a number of websites and we all know that link trading is how you get more traffic and get ranked better in Google and other search engines. I get link trade requests all the time and I actually do the trade on probably 70% or more of them (the ones that look legit). It’s a great way to get your links out there from other sites. I’d personally rather get requests and do them rather than be the one sending requests because I’d probably only get 10% at most responding. For the people asking me, I know they’re going to do it.

So some people don’t get this or something. I got a "Cease and Decist" email from a site asking that I do not post anything from their site on one of my aggregator (or call it "scraper") websites. I guess they don’t know what they’re getting or something. Maybe they don’t know a darn thing about SEO either since they feel they should spend their time stopping people from linking to them than actually building links. You’re getting an H1 link to your site from mine and I’m not even grabbing your whole article! Hell-o? I’m posting that on Twitter. Your story is getting clicks. You’re getting free traffic from me because I am just hoping that 0.01% of that traffic clicks on an ad. That’s pretty darn fair for you.

I just have to think that they’re ignorant or something. I’m absolutely puzzled here. Why on earth would you spend valuable time doing that? Well, if they have time to do that, then their site must be doing really well.