$10k Per Web Page? That’s About Right.

Halleluia! Someone gets it out there.

Here’s an article explaining that paying $10,000 per web page is an accurate number. That may seem shocking to a lot of people. Yeah, your cousin can make a site for you, but would you hire your cousin to do a TV commercial for you? The web is JUST as important as that.

If you do your web site (read: marketing) wrong, you’re losing money because the web is often the first impression of your company. If you really do it right, you’ll get return on your investment.

I work at a web site design and development company. Honestly, if we had serious clients willing to pay $10k per page, they would get an amazing site. It takes time to do research. I wish we could do more focus groups, but nobody ever goes for that option. Focus groups would tell everyone SO much. The final product would be so different because of that. There would even be resources to do some pretty unique promotion, too.

Maybe in 10 years, people will realize this.