In Chennai, India

Hey Everyone!

Well, things are going well here. It’s very hot – no wait… it’s VERY HOT. Check out the weather in Chennai.

I’ve got a few more days and then I jump over the pond and head back. Before then, we’re going to Mayajaal with the team tomorrow. That should be fun as long as we can stay cool. There’s a pool, so we’ll be able to cool off there and do things like go bowling, too. Should be fun.

My typical day is getting up about 7:30, checking email, showering / get ready and then walk over to Sparky’s for a egg sandwich and coffee (I brought over some Starbucks coffee beans, so I’m enjoying that). Not only does the coffee wake me up but there’s a really busy intersection that I have to walk across and that tends to wake me up quite a bit. :-) My driver then picks me up and I go to the office. When I get there, I order a watermelon juice (yummy), check email again, check in with the team and then download the Rush Limbaugh podcast. I get to work in the morning while listening to Rush. He’s on even now as I write this. I’ll either go out to lunch with Raghu or else order some lunch in. Throughout the day, I’ll meet with my team here, help them and work on our new project. At about 6 or 6:30pm, I head back. The sun is down by 6pm, so it starts to cool off then. At night, I’ll either eat at Sparky’s again, order something in or just take a nap – like the first few days.

I’ve taken a few pictures, so click the read more link and see those on the next page. They’re just some pictures driving around and stuff. Nothing too thrilling.

See you all soon!