Another Movie Experience

Ok, they just do it different here.

I went to see the new Chronicles of Narnia movie, which was good from what I saw and heard of it. So I go to the earliest show today, 11 am. When the movie starts, there are about 20 people in the theater – in assigned seats and all talking. The movie’s way too loud of course – I think they’re a bit too quiet in the U.S. but this was loud. Some people trickle in as the movie is going. Then, after an hour into the movie, about 60 people file in, all talking and some are even yelling and stuff – very rowdy. Then there’s the intermission. After it gets going again (they had to start and stop it since it wasn’t playing right), you try to remember what was going on since there’s no real place in the movie for an intermission – it wasn’t made that way. People are talking still and also cheering, sometimes for the wrong thing. It’s like being in high school, basically. Weird.

Then I try to get internet at this resort. I ask at least 5 times, all with the answer that the one guy who knows how to get someone a username and password is out or something. Finally, I get on after watching someone who has never used a Mac before get it set up.

What else? The phone keeps rining. We do the normal, "Hello?" "Hello?" "Hello?" thing, they mumble something I can’t understand, I ask them to repeat it and instead of saying it a different way or slower, I get the same thing and then another "Hello?". I say I can’t understand and then it’s just quiet. They don’t say anything and wait for me to hang up.

I think I’m about ready to head back home. It’s been good but some normalcy would be great.