Got a iPhone 3Gs

I reserved my iPhone online like on Tuesday or Wednesday and then went late yesterday afternoon to the Apple Store in the West Towne Mall in Madison to pick it up. I had to wait about 10 minutes and they had us queued kind of outside the store, in the mall in a roped area.

When a salesperson was ready, she came out, introduced herself to me and took me inside to get my phone. She had to do quite of bit of stuff on those handheld computers they have (I wonder if they’re Mac based – it doesn’t look like it) in order to get things set up but I think that had to do with contacting AT&T and changing my account, which is pretty cool that they can do that there.

Once that was done, she took me over to a Genius who had a Mac ready with iTunes where it could be activated. They did that and then I was done there.

I came home, did a sync with my old, first gen iphone to iTunes and then plugged in the new one. It asked if I wanted to set up a completely different phone or from backup. I chose backup and then it did its thing. It said it was done so I unplugged it from my Mac and checked it out but it didn’t have everything on it yet, so I plugged it back in again. It did a sync and then it had everything moved over, just like my old iPhone. Sweet!

I’m liking the video, GPS and sleeker design. The screen is nice (thank God I didn’t have to deal with the 2nd gen screen issues). The speaker’s kind of different. Music is just playing out of one of the bottom speakers. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like that or not. The sort of "click" noise sounds different, too. I like that noise better on the first gen iPhone. The speech recognition function seems really cool. I know other phones have this but Apple did it right – which kind of goes along with their company philosophy of it you’re going to do it, do it right.

I removed some old apps that I wasn’t using anymore and then rearranged the icons. That’s one thing that’s seriously missing is some app in iTunes where you can easily organize all your icons. I’m not crazy about how you can do it on the iPhone.

For some reason, AT&T felt it was necessary to send me a text message at like 3am welcoming me to their new service. What’s up with that? I sure their welcome texts were a bit backed up from all the iPhone users, but sending them out at 3am… really?

The old iPhone already has a new home planned for it over in Spain, so it’s going in the mail today. I’m sure it’ll be put to good use and enjoy it’s new home.