Really Good iPhone Case

Good iPhone Case

I’ve searched around for a good case for my iPhone and finally found a good one that’s really cheap, too. It’s less than $6 and I love it. My business partner found it first and turned me on to it.

Some of the requirements that I had were:

  • it could not be bulky
  • the buttons could not be covered up at all
  • it had to be durable

The one I found was from Verizon on Amazon and it takes care of all these requirements. It actually ships for Hong Kong, so it takes a week or so. It comes with a belt clip, but I’m not a nerd, so I’m not going to use that. From the reviews, people love it. I do, too. The cool thing is that it has this sort of stand in the back. You can use it vertically or horizontally. It’s great for watching movies or using FaceTime.

A really cool case.