Non Prescription Colored Contacts

Are Non Prescription Colored Contacts for You?

Colored Contact Lenses

by Guest Author

Apart from corrective contact lenses, which do provide magnification or some other kind of help to improve vision, there are non prescription colored contacts. They are widely used to change the look of eyes. They are catching up in the glamor world. It is always good to buy colored contacts from well known manufacturers, as it may mildly irritate the eyes until one gets accustomed to them.

There are different colors that are available, and you should choose the one that suits the natural eye color to start with. You can then slowly change the color according to the occasion. There are umpteen number of colors available in the market which can fetch some great compliments. There are colored contacts and also special effect contact lenses like glow in the dark or other kinds. There are cat eyes and designer lenses, too. It is always good to choose a well known brand.

Is There a Risk in Wearing Colored Contacts?

One can not brush off the risk factors. But if one chooses to use it with at most care, risk factors to use the contacts can be made zero. Any kind of contacts will always irritate with dry weather. Replace them often whenever it is possible. Always protect the eyes with a pair of nice goggles when you are outdoors. Have an extra pair of glasses handy if you are using a corrective pair of contacts. Do not extend the wear of contacts while sleeping or for longer hours or you may experience irritation. It may permanently damage the eye sight.

How to Get Fitted for Non Prescription Contacts

To get non prescription colored contact lenses can be a little struggle…maybe. It will actually depend on where you live. If you live in the USA, then the law states that you must have a prescription to get contact lenses even if they’re not helping your vision at all. That’s right, even for cosmetic colored contacts, you need to go to a doctor and have them write you a prescription. It’s crazy but that law went into effect back in 2005 because people were getting them when they came out and some of them were causing problems with people’s eyes (some people even went blind with cheap colored contacts).

So you should first go to an eye doctor and get them fitted for your eyes and then order prescription colored contacts – especially if you plan to wear them quite a bit. There are some places you can get them without a prescription but those kinds of companies are actually breaking the law.

Contact Lens Care and Use

Beauty connects directly to the eyes at first appearance and every good person on the earth has beautiful eyes. The goodness is first thing one can recognize through the eyes of a person. Enhancing the beauty of eyes is something some people are good at. Contact lenses are the best pair of corrected eyes, that magically replaces pair of spectacles. The change of look, gives an amazing instant effect. The level of confidence rises when one have to deal with different people. One can also surprise others by changing your eyes into different colors using colored contact lenses that do not need a prescription to buy it.

Non prescription colored contacts need, at most, care to preserve when one is not using daily disposable lens. Conventional soft contact lens can be used more than 12 hours, but once used, it should be put in a clean and fresh storage solutions. There is simple step by step instructions should be followed to maintain the hygiene. It starts from washing hands, removing the lens from the eyes, rinsing the lens with solution and placing it back in the storage case. These procedures have to be in place at any point of time when one removes the lens from the eyes.

Sample Colored Contact Lenses

You can get free samples of contact lenses or even free contact lenses samples if you want. Some companies give away free ones for you to try. This is a great way to first see if they are right for you before you pay money to get them. Try before you buy!

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