My New Favorite Travel Mug

Great Travel Mug

I was really bummed when my Eddie Bauer travel mug dropped on the floor and the lid cracked. That was my favorite travel mug. It looked cool and the lid worked really well. So I had to start looking for a new one.

Here were the requirements I had for a new travel mug:

  • The lid had to work. That means, it should not drip, it should be easy to use and it shouldn’t make me dribble coffee down my chin when I take a sip.
  • It had to fit in my car’s cup holder. This seems like a no brainer but some don’t.
  • I had one with an O-ring that you had to insert. What a pain. So no O-ring.
  • It had to keep drinks warm – so a stainless steel interior.
  • It had to look kind of cool… why not?

The one I found was the Contigo 16 Ounce Tumbler and it exceeded all expectations!

How I found it was that I have an online store that sells products and I saw people buying a lot of these. I figured what the heck. The button you use to open and close it was a good idea and in a great location, too. The AutoSeal lid works great – no spills – and it also helps keep the drink warm or cold.

The price isn’t bad either. Give it a try!