About Me

I’m a pretty laid back kind of guy. I’m happy with life and try to enjoy things the best that I can.

Some of My Hobbies:

  • Playing Drums and Now Learning Electric Guitar
  • Skiing / Ski Instruct
  • Traveling (this is for business mainly, but it’s also fun)
  • Camping
  • Listen to Music, Watch Movies
  • Driving (I like to drive – crazy, I know)

Life "To Do" List:

    • Visit Italy and parts of Europe (incl. the Autobahn in Germany)
    • Go to Las Vegas
    • Go to New York City
    • Go to Los Angeles and Hollywood
    • Vacation in Cancun, Mexico
    • Visit Alaska in summer (white nights)
    • Learn to slalom water ski and wake board
    • Get a motorcycle license
    • Graduate college
    • Learn to SCUBA dive
    • Learn to sail 
    • Learn to play drums
    • Learn to play bass guitar
    • Go skydiving (tandem probably)
    • See the badgers at the Rose Bowl
    • Race a BMW on an open course
    • Spend a night on a boat on Lake Mendota
    • Get married and have kids
    • Own my own company
    • Own a BMW
    • Get some horses
    • Get a house (or condo)
    • Own a jet ski
    • Save someone from dying
    • Leave a legacy of some sort
    • Retire at 40

Life "To Don’t" List:

  • Eat gross seafood, mushrooms, liver, brussel sprouts, spinach or lima beans (blaaah!)
  • Buy a Geo Metro (tell me what is the point of a 3 cylinder car?)
  • Visit Alaska in winter (Tony likes it warm)