Utah Skiing

Well, it’s finally about "go" time. It came pretty quickly. I can’t believe I leave in 2 days. I always thought I’d be going skiing "out West" (as everyone says) in Colorado first, but from what I’ve heard lately (and seeing how much snow is falling), Utah is the hot spot (not too hot for the snow to melt I hope) this year and maybe for years to come. I’m really excited about this. Who knows? We may be relocating the company next year – ha!

Since we’re going to the Canyons, here’s a link to information about Park City.

I’ll take pictures on my iPhone and send them in to Flickr, so anyone can see them here as I take them (gotta love technology).

We’ve had a few days at Cascade Mountain where the snow has been just absolutely perfect (at least from my limited experience). I’ve had a smile on my face that just can’t be wiped off on those days. It would be my version of "heaven" I guess… I would never get bored of skiing great snow in good temps – although these cold days have given us some super hard and sticky snow that you can really cut into – wow. For now, I favor groomed, corduroy runs but I’m sure that through the upcoming years, my tastes will change to where I look for powder. With some wider skis, I’d probably enjoy powder more even now.

I’m enjoying skiing more this year than last since last year I was just kind of relearning and getting my feet wet again (er… cold, rather). I decided to not go for Level II Certification with PSIA this year and just work on what I’ve learned so far and it was a good choice I think. I’ve been to many clinics up at Cascade and they’ve been doing Level III training, so although I can’t do all those things yet (like white pass turns – someone please explain those to me), I’ve at least had some exposure to them already. Just watching other skiers and helping beginner skiers has also helped me understand the science of skiing. It’s pretty cool once you understand how your body actually works when you ski.

Anyway, this should be awesome. I’ll be smiling non-stop for months I think. :-)