Utah Ski Trip 2008

Wow, was this a good trip. I needed a few days away from the computer and I had fun…

Day 1: Al and I arrived in Salt Lake City. Jason flew on Northwest and was already there at the airport. Dave picked us up and we got settled in at his place.

Day 2: We’re up at 7am to go to Canyon Sports to get discounted lift tickets
and some boot and skis for Jason. We then go to Ogden to ski at
Snowbasin. It was already snowing in the city, so when we got up a bit
higher, it was really coming down. We journey up the gondola to the
very top of the mountain (Wasatch Mountains) and find ourselves in a
blizzard – total white out conditions, flat light and a few feet of powder. It was a lot
of work getting down the mountain. There were times you could not see
your own hand in front of your face. Somehow we took a wrong turn and
had to go do it again even.

I’m longing for some nice, groomed
runs after a whole morning of this kind of crap and we finally do end
up on some after taking a much needed warm up in the nice lodges there.
They had very nice, luxurious lodges – very impressive.

At night, we hit the outdoor hot tub at Dave’s place, took a shower and then went out for some dinner.

Day 3:
We’re up at 7:30 or so, get ready and head to Alta. It’s a shorter ride
there and the skies are sunny with no clouds at all. We arrive and I’m
happy to see the conditions there are better than the previous day.
This could be fun.

We first give ourselves a tour of the place
and then later we divide up. Al and I head our own way while Jason and
Dave tackle some tougher terrain. In the afternoon, we started hitting
some of the same runs over and over again, which made me more
comfortable and I started to really enjoy skiing out there… finally.

We make it home after sitting in traffic of 45 minutes and
then hit the hot tub again with a few "refreshments" (hey, I’m on
vacation). We enjoy some pizza and watch a movie then hit the hay.

Day 4: This is the 3rd day of skiing, so my legs should be screaming with pain this morning… nope, they feel fine. Wow, let’s go!

head out to The Canyons. Wow, is this place huge. We go into the resort, which can
only be described as a small village, then up the gondola and land in a
nice, wooded area. We ski down on Chicane (a blue run) and go back up
again on another lift. We do this a while and get to know the area.
There is a lot to explore here.

All these runs are nice (blues
and double blues). Exploring takes a while but we finally take a few of
the same runs in this area that among some really nice houses (save one
for me). Those were nice runs – just what I was looking for. There was
even a long (3-4 mile) cruising run (blue) that was relaxing and fun.

We head in to get our lunch, which is the first day that we’re
not brown bagging it because we found a killer deal online which
included a burger platter and drink. The food was great. We head back
out there to finish off the afternoon of our last day of skiing.

and I end up going our own way while Jason and Dave seems to head off
in another direction. We end up in that mountain neighborhood and fall
in love with a set of runs over there. We did 4-5 runs there and would
have done more if they wouldn’t have closed the darn lift at 3:30. We find
that long cruiser and had some fun there. I was in heaven. This hour or
so was the highlight of my trip for sure. Even thinking of it now makes
me smile.

We make our way to the very bottom and find out that
Jason and Dave were probably about 5 minutes behind us in all of that
skiing that we did. Pretty funny.

We ate at the Wasatch Brew Pub
in Park City that night which was the last day of the Sundance Film
Festival (we didn’t watch any movies, of course). We hit the tub again,
watched some movies and then called it a night.

Day 5:
We get up, were going to take a tour of a candy factory, but found out
that there were no tours on a Monday, so we watched "Fletch" while a
snow storm entered town. We probably left later than we should have for
the airport, but I got on my flights, which were delayed. I ended up
getting to Madison 2 hours later than expected, but had no big problems.

So it was really a great trip.
It started rough, but the ending was sweet. It was just what I needed,
really, and now I know what skiing out west is like. Now it’s back to
our hills here in Wisconsin. I think I’ll always plan a trip out west
to go skiing. Maybe we’ll do Colorado next year.

See the photos here | Watch the photos as a slideshow here

Ski ya!