Just Let it Go, Tone.

Ok… alright… fine! I just have to let go, right? I have to officially declare the end of ski season for me. Last night’s trip to Devil’s Head proved it. The snow really sucked. We did find a few sorta-ok runs on the left side there (where everyone was), but it was work and it was rough on the legs and feet. Al described it as “it’s like concrete”.

It’s just getting too warm.

The only possibility I can see for any more skiing is another trip up to Indianhead (4 hours) or Marquette (5+ hours) and that’s a long drive. I’d also probably need a willing accomplice, too.

I think I successfully squeezed in as much as I could with a grand total of 45 times going skiing during the 2007-08 season. SA-LUTE!

On my next entry, I’ll list my favorite ski runs (so far).