Granite Peak Trip

This was fun… a group of us ski instructors went up to Granite Peak in Wausau, WI for the day (Rib Mountain). We had an ex-Cascade ski school director, Paul, be our guide out there.

We got to most of the runs. Some on the right were kind of bad with the snow that was there. I describe it as "wet powder" since it wasn’t groomed but was heavy and wet. The terrain was varying and went from hard packed to this wet powder stuff, so you’d be going and it would grab your skis and slow you down in an instant. We all first thought we needed more wax on our skis or thought that after just a little time away from Cascade made us suck at skiing. It was funny.

But on the left side (looking up the hill), there were lots of nice black runs. My favorite was a double black diamond, which was nothing like the one up at Indianhead (not as steep as that). The snow was perfect and pitch was just fine – although coming up to it, you wondered how steep it would be (one of those kind). My best run of the day was the last one, coming down this run. I think it was called "Slalom". I watched Erica and Bruce as they really extended their legs in the turns, so I tried it and bam! Instant control. What a nice way to end the day.

Here are some pictures – enjoy. It started out sunny and then got cloudy as you can see.


Granite Peak - Parking Lot

Granite Peak - top of the mountain

Granite Peak - some trails

Granite Peak - group pic minus me