Almost the End of Ski Season

Cascade Mountain RoadWell, I put in my last weekend of ski instructing at Cascade Mountain for this year. They’re open one more weekend. It doesn’t sound like there will be many instructors there but it’s not likely that people will be taking a lot of lessons the last week of the season unless they’re going out west. There’s talk that they might be open the weekend of the 23rd with limited runs and lifts running. We’ll see. If so, I may go back for that.

This next weekend, Karl and I are going up to Indianhead Mountain. It should be fun. I’m a much better skier since the last time we were there, which was just a short 2 years ago. I know I’ll be able to enjoy it a lot more this time. I just hope the snow is good.

I’m thinking of picking up a snowboard here at the end of the season. Prices should be good. I’ll need the whole deal… boots, bindings and a board. I’m looking for about a 165 I think. Nothing too expensive, but something good. Burton would be nice but I know there are a lot of other good brands out there, too. From what I hear, you want to put your money into the bindings (unlike skiing, where you want to get the best boots first). I always see boarders messing with their bindings, so I guess that makes sense.

I checked out the Highlands of Mt. Olympia yesterday. Pff! What a joke. Sorry, but it’s way too small. I paid $17 and should have paid $5. The conditions were not great of course, but even at perfect conditions, it would suck. Oh well… I guess it makes you appreciate Cascade Mountain more.

I’ll miss ski season but I think I’ve done enough this year to not miss it as much as last year. Last season, I was just re-learning and was just getting the hang of it when the season ended. That’s why this year I didn’t do any PSIA events but instead just focused on what I learned and I did a ton of clinics. I think my skiing improved tons this year, too. I’ll go for my Level 2 or the Level 2 Prep next year. Should be fun.