What’s Up with Congress?

So one week Congressmen are experts on the banking world and the next week they’re experts on the automobile industry. What? How does that work? Who are they to tell each industry what to do? What do they know? Where is their experience?

Stay out!

Get out of the market’s way with less taxes, less regulation and watch it work. Period.

The market works. People will buy what they want. It’s our choice where to spend our money (the untaxed 2/3rds portion at least). If something isn’t good, people won’t buy it.

New cars cost too much – probably because of unions. Are Honda and Toyota in on this bailout? No. They’re made in the U.S. and are great cars. They have less union fees to pay – imagine that.

Remove Cafe Standards so that we’re not burning our food supply (corn, which is in almost all of our food). People will want to buy cars that are cheaper to run and are better for the environment.

Speaking of the environment, there’s no Global Warming, so can we just forget all the nonsense and get back to normal? We’re recycling and being more careful – great. Let’s leave it at that and have our economy work. People are more important than animals and plants.

And Political Correctness has to go, too. We’re talking about giving terrorists rights and being "fair" to everyone. We cannot be fair to our enemies and expect to win wars. Look at history. It doesn’t work like that. You either need to quit crying about that and enjoy your freedoms or else when things are "fair" we will have no freedoms. We cannot be fair with an enemy that is not fair to us and wants to kill us. We then become weak and lose. Political Correctness is a recipe for losing.

Ok, I got off track here a bit but it all works together: less government = a better economy and better way of life with more freedoms where we can thrive. If you’re in a bad situation and need help, then let’s get some government help for you but just temporarily – not something where you’re stuck using it with no way out.

I just don’t get how people don’t see things like this but we’re all different. We each grew up in different situations and see things from our own angle, I know. Basic truths, though, should be pretty obvious because they make sense.