What is Obama Doing Right Now? He’s Not President!

Check out this story I just saw:

Obama urges Iran to accept EU nuke proposal

Obama Dude, the Foreign Policy of the United States of America is that there is only 1 voice, which is that of the President of the United States. As you just said, you’re not the President of the United States – so does saying that negate what you’re actually doing right now or what?

It’s like Simon on American Idol saying "I’m not being rude, but that was horrific!" Prefacing being rude by saying you’re not being rude doesn’t change the fact that you’re being rude.

These Democratic Congressmen (Pelosi, Obama) think they can travel around and be the voice of our foreign policy when that’s not their job. What are they trying to pull here… seriously?

And Obama’s choosing the was in Afghanistan as the one we need to win. Why? Well probably because Clinton was involved with that. Had Clinton done his job, would we have had 9/11? We don’t know for sure but Bush actually did something after we were attacked. The Democrats even voted for it. Have we been attacked since? No! Was Saddam Hussein harboring terrorists? Probably. Is Saddam Hussein doing it any more? Nope.

Can you imagine any sitting President saying the things that Obama is saying on foreign soil? Listen to what he’s saying on this tour and think about that as he speaks. Start looking at everything Obama does and think of him as President doing those things. Scary.

Side note: Four years ago with John Kerry, I didn’t want him in because he’s an idiot. Now, Obama just scares the crap out of me.

Obama’s just going places and telling, uh, people… uh, what they, ah, um, the people want to, um… ah… … …hear. Oh, and slamming our troops. Anyone really supporting our troops will not vote for Obama. They can’t vote for Obama AND support our troops at the same time. Not possible.

Side note: I was thinking more about our troops the other day. They really ARE sacrificing. Imagine leaving your country for a year or more with no guarantee that you’ll come back. You may be 25 years old and those may be the last few months of your life – and all for your country. Wow. The troops rock! I’m honored. Thanks!

I love this. It’s all just starting to hit the fan for Obama – even with the media clearly on his side. Just watch, it’s starting to get fun now. Truth does win and the cream does always rise to the top. God set laws like this up and they don’t change.