The News Gets It Wrong This Year

I see so many people just believing what they see on the news. The news gets it wrong all the time. To believe what you hear is downright dangerous. Question it. Just because you hear the same thing from 10 different news sources does not make it true. There’s, in fact, a good chance that they’re all getting it from just one original source – like the Associated Press (AP).

Read this (I’ve listed my favorites below):

The Media’s Top 10 Economic Myths of 2007

7. Anyone who ‘denies’ global warming shouldn’t be taken seriously.

6. You’d better not eat/drink that!

5. Most Americans are losing their homes.

4. “Going Green” is good for America and business.

I’m surprised that anything about Obama didn’t make the list. It seems like the media got a lot wrong there, too.

Here’s to another media filled 2009!

I wonder how happy we’d be without so much news. But then while I was in AZ, my brother found out about some obscure law that was just put into place in the news. I now forgot what the law was but I remember it had a hefty fine on it.