The Messiah Cometh!

Wow, this is really good stuff! (Obama’s speech at the DNC)

Obama seems to know where Osama Bin Laden is -wow! Ok, so why isn’t he telling us where he is right now? Isn’t that kind of important?

And he keeps talking about bad people in "Washington." Isn’t Obama IN Congress? IN Washington?

Let’s also remember that one of the biggest applauses that Obama got during his DNC speech was that he wants to debate John McCain. Let’s remember that when McCain kicks his butt in debates. Let’s remember that Obama issued the challenge. This challenge from a guy who can’t make decisions and is famous for voting "present" instead of taking a stand – he must have too many people on both sides of any issue that he needs to stay friends with. Sellout!


Portrayal Of Obama As Elitist Hailed As Step Forward For African Americans


Obama Aired More Negative Ads Last Week

"It suggests that the Sarah Palin pick and the newfound aggressiveness by MCain got into Obama’s head a little bit," Goldstein says. "He was under great pressure to show some spine, be aggressive, fire back."

"Shockingly, this race is going to come down to swing voters in the same swing states that decided the last two elections," Goldstein says.

Huh. What did Obama say about not getting personal, running a non-negative campaign or something? Oh, never mind – we’re not supposed to believe that he’s been lying about stuff he said – like that he was for the Economic Stimulus Plan… but wait, he wasn’t even there to vote for it. What?

Maybe he’s actually a robot with limited memory or something. He should defrag. :-)