Supreme Court Brings Out the Guns

Here’s my $0.02…

It is kind of scary that this passed 5 to 4. That means there are 4 Justices that think that the 2nd Amendment isn’t clear. It’s plain as day, dudes. It was written to limit government. We shouldn’t be even arguing this now but I’m glad this turned out the way it did.

This ensures that the government can’t control us. That’s what was happening when the Constitution was formed. They came from a very controlled government and wanted things set up better.

Law abiding citizens with no history don’t go crazy when they get a gun. Everyone I know that has guns is really careful with them. I think Wisconsin is 1 of only 2 states still that does NOT have a conceal and carry law.

Anyway, just imagine what would have happened if this didn’t pass. Yikes. Riots? I think we avoided something big here, too. Think about that angle.