Speak No Evil – About Obama

Barack Hussein Obama web siteCongrats to the Democratic Party Americans for making Barak Hussein Obama your candidate (oops, that’s right – we can’t mention his Arabic middle name – sorry). That’s just great. Super. So who is this guy? Please explain why he’s the candidate? What has he done in his what, less than 5 years in Congress? And what is this "change" he talks about? What is he changing things to? We don’t know. Maybe it’s a bad change (?).

In addition to not knowing what KIND of change we’re getting, we have lists of what we CAN’T talk about. Check these out:

So since he’s black or something, it’s not ethical or politically correct or something to criticize him or talk about certain things. No, these things are "off limits" but he can talk about what he wants… and all he does is talk. Sure, he’s a great communicator when he’s not in the spotlight during a debate. We’re used to President Bush who, although he’s actually smart, doesn’t show it in the least in how he talks. So anyone that shows up now that can actually communicate well looks really good – I get that.

The rules for this election are being laid down by the media so far (my #1 sounding point). This can’t last and it won’t. I think this was just up until this point – where he can become the candidate and so that Hillary is out of the way. He’s gotten a free pass from the media until now. There is a LOT of time before the election and now that Obama’s the main man, he’s going to be put under the microscope – by the media, even is what I predict. I think right now is about the end of his reign of things being easy. He’s going to start to need to come up with answers and more substance now. Just watch. There’s lots of time still. :-)