Obama’s Speech Impediment

I’m not a speech expert by any means and I’m not perfect, I know that. God’s working on me, still. I’ve just noticed that Obama does have a small speech impediment – mainly on his "s". It goes a little long and there’s sort of a higher "hiss" when he says them. There’s probably a technical term for this. I heard it with other people, too. I have a friend or two that do this as well.

I searched the web on this and some people thought it was because he did drugs and when you do them, there are sometimes some side effects that don’t go away.

Others are referring to Obama’s speech impediment as him saying "uhhh" too much. Well, that’s not a speech impediment as I’m talking about it. That’s just him not knowing what he’s talking about unless he has a prompter or a prepared speech. When you flip flop and tell people only what they want to hear, it’s very hard to keep that all straight, so you tend to have to think about it a little harder – unless you’re Bill Clinton and a veteran in politics and can easily shoot off lies. Obama’s just a freshman Senator still, so he doesn’t have this down yet. So much for his polished image. He’s no Slick Willy. :-)

Here’s a video from David Letterman counting Obama’s "uhh" in a speech. It’s hilarious:

It’s nice to see a little fun poked at Obama after 8 years of these jabs at Bush, who by no means is a great public speaker even though he’s actually pretty smart. The same is probably true about Obama except Obama has to deal with making sure he’s saying the right thing to the right people versus just picking some solid stands on issues.


What’s funny is, Rush today (a day after I wrote this) put together a montage of Obama’s speech this morning and just edited together, uh, Obama, ah, um, just saying "uh" and it’s over 7 minutes long!

You can’t possibly say with a straight face that Obama knows what he’s talking about. No way.

I think 4 years of this goes way beyond listening to President Bush speak for 8 years. Bush had the words in his head but couldn’t get them out. Obama can get words out (which is what people have liked about him so far, it seems) but has nothing to say.

Which is worse?