Obama’s Poor Judgment

Can we really trust Obama’s judgment if he can’t even pick a VP that isn’t an idiot?

The rumor again is that Obama will dump Biden and then maybe go with Hillary (I’ve been saying Hillary all along). That will give them this big "boost" that the Democrats so desperately need. Ah, the Messiah saves the day. Hooray!


The spin on Obama’s poor judgment here ought to be interesting.

There’s just tons of sewage spewing from left wing blogs right now, too. It’s really funny, actually. It’s even more funny when you see your liberal friends speading the crap around. Hilarious! Keep it up, you all look like dopes – sorry but it’s true… take what’s given to you as what you think is "truth" and just post it on Facebook and spread it around. You may be a dope, you may think we’re dopes but we’re not. Sorry. You just look funny doing it.

I think I heard that there are Vegas bets right now as to when Biden will get kicked out. I’m not sure about thatbut I thought I heard it the other day. I think within 2 weeks. For sure. Goodbye Biden, hello Hillary.

They’re desperate.