Obama Only Taxing the Rich?

That’s the talking point, right? It’s a lie.

The Bush tax cuts will be repealed. An average family got an increase of $12,000 per year because of the Bush tax cuts. Those are gone. This is from combined sources like all taxes, benefits of lower taxes, etc.

Only taxing the rich? Well, the rich own companies. So, like they said during the RNC, unless you don’t get a paycheck from a company or don’t buy gas, clothing or food from companies, then YES, you won’t get taxed. So what is that, like 100 people that get that maybe?

I heard a good point this morning… most of us don’t study economics. I don’t. I know very little in the grand scheme of things. So when a candidate comes out and shows us some great plan, how do we know if it’s any good? We don’t. At least 95% of don’t know. I don’t know.

So we have to look at just the general, basic facts like I pointed out above – and we can hopefully make a safe assumption that any candidate thinking that taking more of your money and spending it for you has an economic plan that just does more of that.

I just don’t get how giving the Federal Government more of my money does me more good. I think I know how to spend my money better than they do (oh yeah, wait… I’m a white male that invested in my own education and worked my butt off to earn a decent income and I have to support those who didn’t – I forgot about that, duh! My bad.).

When I keep my money and grow it, then I pay a tax when I buy something and the government gets it then, when I’m spending more, not less. And that’s just me – I’m not rich. Imagine someone rich who invests money and turns it into more and more. Will that same money that would then go to the Government also turn into more and more like a rich person would invest their money? Um, no.

If the typical person was given someone else’s credit card to use without having to pay it back, would they be careful with it? No. They’d buy all kinds of crap. Well, the Government is people that spend our money and they are not careful with it. That’s obvious.


P. S. See? I shouldn’t listen to the news, it’s getting me all worked up. :-)

Update: Check out Obama’s airplane. Wow, that’s nice.

I can relate to a half white man that owns a plane… oh no… wait. I’m supposed to say he’s half black. Duh, my bad. And yeah, the media wants to make sure I can relate to a candidate that’s older than me and is more successful in the world’s eyes. Yeah, that’s what they’re telling me so I need to believe it.

Update: Some stats:

  • $2.4 Trillion ($2,400,000,000.00) is the overall tax increase faced by American families, seniors and businesses if President Bush’s tax cuts expire and do not get renewed.
  • $1,716.00 is the average tax increase for over 100 million Americans if tax cuts are allowed to expire.
  • $2,034.00 is the average tax increase that will hit 17 million American senior citizens if President Bush’s tax cuts expire.
  • 8,300,000 jobs were created after the tax cuts of 2003.
  • $91,000,000,000.00 is the cost of reinstating the Death Tax.

Source: The Heritage Foundation

Sounds like a lot of money to me. Obama also wants to put the Capital Gains tax back up in the high range and doesn’t realize that the Government makes more money (increased revenue) when the Capital Gains tax is low as well as keep money moving in the economy, which is good. Duh.