Obama Got Something Right!

Obama's Smeas PageBarack Obama published a web page refuting some old news stories – oops, I mean his staff did…

I know he didn’t do it. I’m smart enough to know that whomever is running his campaign does this in his name for him. A lot of my website clients don’t have time to update their websites, so how could this guy do it himself. He has a large staff working on this and maybe he gets notified later of what it said (the same with McCain probably). Anyway, here’s what was said:

LIE: Rush Limbaugh says a tape exists of Michelle Obama using the word “whitey” from the pulpit of Trinity United

This is a lie! Rush did NOT say that. They’re taking him out of context. So, good job calling this a lie – you got that right. Now we’re getting somewhere! :-)


Again, people… forget the spin from both sides out there and think – would a guy with the relationships that Obama has even be in the running for President of the United States if the election was right after 911? NO WAY! Have we forgotten?

Changes to your local community start at the local community level with local people. Be sure to vote for your city and county boards and you’ll see "change".

Obama is too young of a politician to know what’s going on in the U.S. – let alone the world. He’s a freshman. Do you want to put a freshman Congressman into the Presidential office? Not just Obama – any of them. Is that smart? I’d personally go with someone with more experience – although I’m not thrilled about McCain either.

Again, the Liberalist view is emotional. It changes based on how the wind is blowing. The Conservative view is based on principles and is much more consistent. I do believe that Liberals do want things to work out good for people and have good intentions – how they do it, though, just isn’t true or isn’t found in good, common sense – in my opinion and the opinion of history.

So the first thing Obama will do is raise taxes. He also wants bigger government. He’s socialistic. So more toward how Russia was. The government will take care of you. Let "the man" do it and take care of you. That is SO wrong!

What makes America great is the people. The American people always pull together and accomplish the impossible. We’re the most giving nation on the planet. When someone domestically or internationally needs help, the American people are always there. Just look at all the flooding problems here in the Midwest / Wisconsin. I hear stories all the time right now about people volunteering to fill sandbags or go rescue stranded people or help each other rebuild. The true character of people is shown when there’s a crisis and we always pull together and help each other out because we’re Americans.

USA FlagSo if that’s true, then what we need is the American people solving problems – let the market work. For instance, if gas is too high, that forces us to buy cars that are more efficient or we cut down on driving, share rides, etc. Sure, there’s a balance that needs to happen with the government but let’s not just put everything in the government’s hands and be a Socialistic country. The American people are what makes things work!


Update: Chicago Sun Times: "Is Obama smearing Rush?"