No RTA / Rail In Dane County

In case you’re living in Madison or Dane County under a rock, there’s some important legislation moving through right now that affects how much tax you pay. I’ve written a lot of emails and have gotten somewhat involved. It doesn’t take much and it’s fairly easy to do, so if you have 10 minutes, please send some emails.

Below is an email I got from Eileen Bruskewitz , who is on the Dane County Board of Supervisiors. It pretty much lays out what needs to be done by when and how to do it




Dear Dane County Resident,


You recently contacted me to let me know of your opposition to the Regional Transit/Taxing Authority.  Despite our best efforts, we could not stop the commuter train/trolley/taxing authority plan and it passed the County Board 20 -13.  (The newspapers report that the trolley is no longer part of the plan, which is not true.  The resolution endorsed the Transport 2020 plan which includes the trolley).


Now, this resolution is being sent to the Legislature with the request to grant Dane County the ability to levy the tax.  This provides us with another opportunity to contact our legislators and tell them we do not want our taxes raised for trains and trolleys.  Dane County is asking for the ability to wage a ½ cent increase in the 5.5% sales tax (to 6%).


If you saw Sunday’s paper “Forum” section of the Wisconsin State Journal, under "CHoo-choo route" there was a notice saying’ Do you support commuter rail for Dane County? Send us your views, 200 words or less by Tuesday 8/21" Letters will appear Thursday.  Here is their email   in all Emails include your name address, phone, and keep it short, polite and to the point.


PLEASE, write tell the Wisconsin State Journal what you told me! A short letter in opposition to the RTA and commuter rail and the large sales tax increase ($42-46 Million a year forever) to the State Journal or your hometown paper, your Alder if you are in the City of Madison (the Common Council will vote on this Sept 4), and to your state Assembly Representative and Senator.  You can use the same or similar Email to all of them. Include your name, address and phone with all three. Note: Madison city council will only allow 100 words in an Email so you will need to be succinct.  Hint: If you live in Madison do that one first, then you can amplify your points more with the State Journal, County Board and Wis. Legislators. Here are the links for all:  All council members (only 100 words) (Before Sept 4)  go to link: “Email all supervisors” (Before Sept 6) and go to link: "Who represents me?"   (Before Sept. 4)   200 words or less. SHORT FUSE!  Email by Tuesday 8/21/07


Thank you for being involved in the democratic process.  We need to protect it.