My Opinion on the Election

I’m pretty happy with the results.

A few things… first, as Rush said, the Republicans lost, not the conservatives. The Republicans needed this slap in the face to wake themselves us. They haven’t been conservative enough. The funny part is that the Democrats ran their campaigns a bit conservative. What I think will happen is that for the next 2 years, people will see that the Democrats aren’t doing any good since they’ll either be too conservative, which isn’t what people want or else they’ll be their liberal selves, which as we all know doesn’t work, so in 2 years, the Republican Presidential candidate will win the election – provided we get a good one to vote for.

It’s a wake up call. It was needed.

The Democrats that got in were a bit conservative, so it’ll be a good mix. I’m not worried at all. I just wish they’d just shut up about it now. They’re gloating a lot like they won some big prize, but open it up and you’ll see it’s not that great, so I guess enjoy the excitement while it lasts.

Let’s see if they do what they say. It sounds like they want to cut taxes – wow, Democrats cut taxes? That’ll be the day.

Oh, and we’re going to now lose the war in Iraq. That’s how it’ll go if they bring home the troops. If we don’t finish the job, it’ll probably be like we were never there. The terrorists know this. They’re happy. They won the election, too. America voted with the terrorists. Bush wanted to finish the job. When things go to crap and the rest of the world looks at us as quitters who invited the terrorists back into their land, please remember this time – right now – when everyone was happy with hopes of us pulling out and losing this war. Please remember this time – when we had the chance to continue with our mission and finish the job,

Let’s see if people with those bumper stickers that say "no war" are happy when the war turns to terrorism in our land… when the war comes here. Will their bumper stickers say "oops!" ?

Ok, so that’s a little extreme. It’s my blog though.