Madison Metro Fare Increase

Wow, I actually agree with Mayor Dave about this topic. Scary.

Prices of things go up – like gas. Charge the people a tiny portion of the service that they’re using is not unreasonable. It’s being more than fair. Isn’t "fair" what people want now? Own up to it then.

I know a $0.50 increase can seem like a lot but it’s a good deal still. It’s cheaper than owning a car, so don’t complain. The taxpayers are still picking up most of the cost even with this increase. Do what the rest of us need to do when our cost of living goes up – work harder. Get that raise. Work a bit extra. Make it happen somehow. That’s just life, welcome to it. Welcome to reality.

Vicki’s right. Our society has turned from having this group called "poor people" to a group that is now dependent on the Government and has essentially been trained now to hold their hand out and expect the City or the Federal Government to put something into it. It’s a trap that they’re in now – thanks to all these "social programs" that the Democrats have set up. These programs don’t help, they hurt. People are not encouraged to fix their own problems but have now been raised to be dependent on the State. It’s no wonder they’re getting upset about a raise in fees for public transportation. In a way, you can’t really blame them but they have to do what the rest of us do once in a while. Man up and deal with it once, please.

The Conservative view is to teach a man to fish and he’ll never be hungry again, right? The Liberal view is to just keep giving them fish by spreading the wealth around. It’s pretty simple, actually. They think they’re helping people but they’re instead trapping them. Liberals have good intentions but just do it the wrong way and their ideas totally backfire, putting everyone farther behind. They never get it though and just can’t see it.

The best solution is to first help them but then show them how to help themselves. So don’t tell me I’m not compassionate. I’m more compassionate because I want to help them as a person further themselves. They have the potential and will be better off using it.