It’s Like They’re Hypnotized by Obama

The Washington, D.C. mayor: "That was the best speech I’ve ever heard in my life."

No, that was a good speech – not a great one… not a speech by JFK or anything. His speech was not consistent with his campaigning and it definitely should have been better than that if Obama worked 2 days on it.

Then you have people crying at the Inauguration and people fainting during the rallies earlier. Millions of people going to see him at any cost.

I know he’s the first (half) black President and that’s great. Seriously, I get that. It’s a huge milestone. I’m happy we’ve elected someone as President that has a different race in them. It’s a good thing and shows that America is a melting pot and that anyone can achieve anything.

But I and others I’ve talked to have noticed something. People are just in awe of Obama, like they’re hypnotized by him. The strange thing is that it only seems to effect certain people and you can’t convince them otherwise. I’ve seen the Left Behind movies and this goes right along with what you see in them. I’m not saying anything, but just that it reminds me of that. It’s bizarre.

Expectations are huge… this love affair can’t last too long if Obama can’t do what people expect of him but if he fails and people still are fainting, I’ll be wondering even more.

Obama is the same guy that all the Democrats doubted a year ago. Biden said Obama did not have enough experience to lead the nation. Hillary tore him apart time after time. Obama was a freshman Senator that hadn’t really accomplished anything at all. He was an unknown as recently as 2003 but he has been groomed and has been given this opportunity – by exactly who, we don’t know for sure. Obama will no doubt have some favors to pay back.

Anyway, life goes on. Go "hope and change!" I’ll be praying more for our country – no doubt. :-)