Ok, hearing about Hillary Clinton with all her emotional stuff reminds me of something. I have some relatives that worked very close with President Bill Clinton (let’s just say their job was to always be with them and check out locations before Bill would arrive there). They said that Bill had the worst mouth they’ve ever heard and that Bill and Hillary constantly fought. They would only cut this out when they were in public.

Now, I’ve seen these kinds of families before (we all have) and I thank God that my family is the total opposite of the Clintons, but people in those kinds of families are much more stressed and are not all that happy (and I’m sorry if you who are reading this are in such a family). We all know the Clintons are like this, right? So I think things like a good marriage and family life are a must for someone that’s, let’s say… running the country. Hello?

I just don’t get why she’s even a contender. Too many people seem to get sucked into what the media puts out there, it seems. Just think about simple stuff like this when choosing a candidate. This person will be leading the country. The same country your kids are in and that you live in. I think there’s a good reason why we haven’t had another major terrorist attack. We can’t put someone in the office that’s not very, very stable and tough.