Good Job, President Bush!

First of all, thanks for doing this:

Bush Commutes Sentences of Border Agents Compean, Ramos

Those guys shouldn’t have gone to prison for doing their jobs in the first place, so thanks for making that right!

President George BushSecondly, thanks for protecting the US. It wasn’t easy. We had to change our way of life and give up some of our privacy to preserve Liberty and our way of life. There were sacrifices that had to be made but we did not have another terrorist attack on US soil. You will go down in history as a President that protected this country. I am very thankful for that and appreciate what you’ve done.

Some things could have been better, sure. Communication for one. At the beginning of your term, your numbers would go up every time you’d make a speech or get in front of the media so you should have done more of that. There were no weapons of mass destruction found, but you didn’t make that decision alone – Congress was with you at that time. I have to trust that with the intel you had at the moment, the right decision was made on our behalf. We can’t go back and see what things would have been like without going into Iraq and maybe if you hadn’t done that, you’d be taking heat for it. We’ll never know. I don’t think you were to blame for Katrina. The local government needed to act first and they clearly did not have their act together.

But men are not perfect and we can’t expect to have a perfect person as President. I believe in time, the American left will grow to appreciate you more and more.

Thanks for your integrity and for sticking to your guns. You didn’t let the media dictate your moves. You were stern against Congress on many occasions and you told them what you wanted. While leading the most powerful country on the planet, you still found time to workout every day and pray. You set an example for many Americans even though you’ve probably never heard anyone say it to you.

So enjoy going back to a normal life on your ranch. Take some time off and do what you want to do and enjoy yourself – and again, THANKS!


Update: What happened on Bush’s last day. Sounds like he got a bit emotional… cool.

The Final Day

After their final night in the White House, George and Laura Bush woke up surrounded by family, including his parents, former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush, along with twin daughters Jenna and Barbara and son-in-law Henry Hager.

By the time dawn broke on their final morning in the White House, there was little to do but pack their toothbrushes and head for Texas.

At 1:51 p.m., a red-eyed Bush emerged from the session and posed for one final round of photographs with Air Force personnel from Andrews, with whom he had forged a close bond. Fighting off tears, Bush walked briskly up the stairs of his familiar jumbo jet and, at 2 o’clock on the dot, took off for a new life in hospitable territory in Texas.