Fannie, Freddie Rescue and Election Issues

This is bad. The government’s going to rescue this? That’s not sending a good message.

Yeah, I got a car when I was younger that was a money sinkhole and my parents helped me out of that and I learned my lesson – so that idea worked there but my parents and I have a personal relationship. There’s no personal relationship in mortgages.

It sounds like there’s a good chance that this won’t happen but if we’re considering things like this, then I don’t think we’re thinking the right way… oh, if you make the wrong decision, the government will bail you out, so go get that house you can’t afford. That’s a slippery slope. This isn’t a $2000 car, it’s $200,000 homes. You better be more careful.

America is so much in debt that it’s beginning to really scare me. You’ve got upcoming economies like in China, which could make them the next big Superpower pretty easily. Yeah, they don’t treat their people and workers too well, which will come back to bite them but their economy is more stable.

A hot topic for me with this election is the economy. Second is terrorism. We want things to run well here, reduce gas prices, reduce our debt and be safe here. Those are basic services. Let’s worry about those things first, then about saving the whales. Humans have more value than animals.