Fannie, Freddie = Obama / Almost Final Thoughts on Obama

This government bail out of Fannie and Freddie is going to cost us all millions!

Former advisors from these companies are on Obama’s campaign, advising him. So if you want that kind of experience running the country and want to see a "change" of more things like this happening, then vote for Obama’s change. It’ll cost you though.

And what’s up with Obama taking his teleprompter on the road – to a rodeo? Has he no original thought in his head? Is this the way of his campaign keeping him on track? Does he know what he’s talking about.

What I’ve stated above are facts. It’s not "spin" and not made up. Look at the facts on this Obama guy. He’s bad news. I know I’m not going to convince any of my liberal friends to change their vote (James – my vote for McCain will cancel your Obama vote, so why even argue?). :-)

But if anyone’s on the fence, wondering who to vote for, then please take a good look at each candidate and vote with your gut. It’s hard to ignore the media and sound bites that are spun to look a certain way. I just urge anyone to dig deeper than that fluff that’s on the top and make a good decision.

  • Do you want a President that votes "present" on big issues?
  • Do you want a President that hangs out with shady characters tied to terrorism and this ACORN group? (Google it – you’ll be scared out of your pants)
  • Do you want a President that supports infanticide?
  • Do you want a President who was influenced by a pastor that hates America? Or one whose wife has not been proud of America?
  • Do you want a President who was mentored by a communist?
  • Do you want a President with NO executive experience and only 143 days of Senate experience? Sure, McCain is also a Senator – that’s true but who has more experience there?
  • Do you want a President whose patriotism is in question? (what??)
  • Do you want a President that is for higher gas prices but just wanted them to go up more gradually? And one who opposes offshore drilling while China gets to drill for oil off of our shore?
  • Do you want a President who would rather grant terrorists their rights and would rather negotiate with them after they’ve killed innocent Americans?
  • Do you want a President that bashes the US when he’s abroad?
  • Do you want a President that got rich during the Bush years and is then against that kind of economy?
  • Do you want a President that is considered to be to the far, extreme left of his party? (I could be talking about both candidates, actually – but there’s a huge difference there, still) :-)

Some sources / further research (but please do more on your own and then WATCH THE DEBATES):

Note: This election season is getting so crazy that I’m really just about ready to start ignoring it. We’ll see if I can. I’m getting too stressed out about it though, so you’ll probably see less here about it. This is hopefully a last post about this, summarizing some main points. I truly think that Obama will utterly fail and the more he talks, the worse it will get for him. He’s on a downward spiral for sure.

I was at a meeting with a consultant the other day and we asked him about the elections (we didn’t even state in any way which way we were planning on voting) and the client responded that he was normally an indenpendant voter and would normally vote Democratic but he thought Obama just didn’t have the experience to lead the country. That’s just one opinion but this goes right along with other things I’m hearing, so this didn’t shock me at all. Again, Obama can take it from here – I’m about done…

I’m also considering disowning a certain friend on Facebook that keeps posting junk articles about McCain. I’d maybe make him a friend again after the election. I don’t need the stress and there are better things to concentrate on than junk.